Professional 10H Hardness Ceramic Coating.

Suitable for Cars, Yachts,  and any metal surface. 

G-Shield Diamond Coat 50ml

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    1. Preparation:

    Please remember that the coating is Ceramic, so, the looking of the surface will be kept in the same situation under the ceramic coatings, so a well preparation will bring you to the best results!


    a. WASH the surface well with soap and remove all the dirt and grime.

    b. Clean the Surface with a clay bar and soap to remove all hard dirt

    that can penetrate the coating.

    c. POLISH (as needed).

    Polish materials are silicone based and the ceramic coating cannot connect to the surface if it is covered with silicone or oil, so after polishing the surface, clean well with IPA.

    At this point, the surface is ready for Ceramic Coating application.


    2. Application:

    a. Open the bottle, Pour few drops on the applicator pad 1 inch far.

    Attention! keep the bottle tightly closed (keep away from sun).

    b. Pour along the middle of the applicator so you can cover as much of the surface as you can with the application.

    c. Application should be made in straight lines (Not circles!).

    d. Apply thin and uniform layer on the surface.

    e. Split the working area to small surfaces and work on one surface only at a time (hood, door etc).


    3. Buffing:

    a. After application, you have to wait and then buff with clean towel. Waiting time depends on whether and humidity