Technicians at Work

Heavy Industry & Construction

G-Shield offers a variety of multi-purpose and designated products to accomplish any challenge.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced chemical engineers accumulating decades of experience in heavy industry and managerial positions. We understand the need to cut on infrastructure costs and the necessity to prolong the lifespan of different materials. R&D is constantly working on improving and inventing new solutions that can provide better results to industry needs. We offer full service to our industrial clients from conception to full implementation of any challenge.

We use the highest standard raw materials to provide unified high performance. Each unique formulation is adapted to the specific task and tested to achieve industry standards and professional-grade results.

G-Shield coatings will protect the surface of pipelines, steel structures, facades, windows, industrial equipment, building materials and more. The longevity of the surfaces will increase dramatically and save expenses.

Image by Etienne Girardet