Diamond Coat

G-Shield Diamond Coat is a fast curing and long lasting permanent ceramic nano coating used mainly for car paint protection and for DIY ceramic coating application.

G-Shield Diamond Coat works on the molecular level and chemically bonds to the coated surface. Once treated with G-Shield Diamond Coat, the surface will repel water and contaminants and maintain a clear, reflective, hard-as-nails protection the lasts more than any other product.



G-Shield Diamond Coat is an incredible coating. It creates a super hydrophobic and super glossy finish that will repel water and dust for years.

Image by Hao Zhang

G-Shield Diamond Coat creates a Nano-film in a 3D matrix molecular structure, which makes it flexible and much more resistant than amorphous glass.

G-Shield Diamond Coat is an easy to use product that is Super-hydrophobic, Super glossy and lasts for many years.

G-Shield Diamond Coat cures very quickly and creates a super clear, hard and glossy finish.