G-Shield sets a new standard for marine ceramic protection

Whether at sea or the dock, G-Shield coatings preserves the fiberglass and painted areas on your boat or yacht, above and below water.

Using a unique technology, G-Shield feathers high performance and longevity. Not like a clear bra, wax, or typical paint sealant. G-Shield exhibits outstanding resistance to salt water, friction, and solvents, Protecting and seals all painted surfaces including composite materials above or below water.

Motor Yacht

G-Shield acts as a clear coat, which provides increased protection against the elements, high gloss finish, chemical and wear resistance. The super hydrophobic effect provides protection from the damages cause by salt water and other hazards to the exterior of the vessel. This provides an extremely easy to clean surface that remain in excellent condition.

G-Shield offers a protection can be applied to the entire exterior of your vessel. Our product line includes coatings designed for any surface that promise the best results.