About the next generation of coatings

G-Shield is a new type of ceramic coating, created using the revolutionary technology our company developed utilizing vast expertise in chemistry and engineering.


Shield Coating Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of ceramic coatings at the nano-metric level. We are the leading OEM supplier of privet label products in the industry. 

Other than your cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles, there are numerous ways in which you can use our coatings. You can apply these coatings in your houses, hotels, work places, or any other location. The G-Shield line of products consists of all-purpose and dedicated solutions to handle any surface and promise the best results.

We guarantee a long lasting protection for your surfaces & accessories. The materials used in the making of G-Shield coatings are of the highest quality and durability which produces true professional-grade products that meet the highest quality standards.

The result is a super resilient coating that has numerous features and offers an all-purpose protection for almost any surface.

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